VIP Housekeeping

It's about enjoying life and maximizing leisure time, as residents delight in a well-maintained home expertly serviced by professionals who take pride in their workmanship and in a job well done.

Maid Service

Available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, professional maids will dependably and thoroughly clean residents' apartments, allowing them to unwind and relax in the comfort of a clean home.

Home Maintenance

Expert and reliable plumbers, electricians, painters, and technicians are often hard to come by. VIP offers up quick, dependable recommendations for professionals whose performance measures up to the highest standards.

Flower & Plant Maintenance

Residents can have their plants and flowers watered, by scheduling this service with the on-site concierge. Whether it's an extended vacation or a quick getaway, there's no need to worry about wilted flowers or drooping plants. The concierge will access the residences with a master key, locking the door securely after each service instance.

Dry Cleaning Service

Residents simply leave their dry cleaning in a pre-arranged area of the building and pick it up at any time - at their convenience.