The VIP Advantage

You already offer residents a great place to live in a building that has an upscale ambiance and a corresponding array of amenities. When you offer the VIP Concierge experience, you're offering residents a level of luxury that will have them passionately raving about their building choice.

Whether it's housekeeping, event planning, recreation & leisure, childcare, pet care or a diverse menu of AtHand convenience services, with VIP on their side, residents can rest assured their needs are taken care of. From late night snacks to emergency repairs, VIP Concierge has your residents covered.

To ensure that every encounter with a VIP concierge is an absolute delight, our employees are screened for interpersonal and communication skills, and receive hands-on simulation training on concierge ethics, courteous professionalism, speedily arranging requested services, and security protocols. It's a combination of high-level training and raw talent that gives our concierges the edge - the ability to satisfy every request with a ready smile, genuine concern, and effortless efficiency.

Once residents experience VIP's award-winning white-glove service, they'll be hooked on the convenience of having all their needs attended to on-demand. It's an indulgence that fits their needs; a level of service that fits their lifestyle.